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Thrashbacks features nostalgia with an attitude. 

Oct 2, 2017

Bob Nalbandian is a producer, director of the Inside Metal series - Pioneers of L.A. hard rock and heavy metal, the L.A. metal scene explodes, and the soon to be released: Rise of LA thrash metal. From Bob's backstory at the age of 18, he published his first fanzine called the Headbanger in 1982, to working...

Sep 11, 2017

Eric McIntire dropped by for part 2 to wrap up the complete history of legendary hardcore/crossover band Attitude Adjustment from the San Francisco Bay Area. We drop 3 songs into the podcast from AA's current CD "Terrorize" available on Beer City Records. It's a shredder of power and fury. 

Sep 10, 2017

Walter "Monsta" Ryan is the current drummer for the legendary skate/hardcore band D.R.I (Dirty Rotten Imbeciles) and many other bands from the SF Bay Area and NYHC scenes. This is just a teaser for the full episode coming soon.  

Sep 5, 2017

David "Cosmo" Brake loved hanging with us first time out, wanted to stop by once again for a more in-depth part 2 of the history of his band Part-Time Christians. We drop 4 tracks off the killer "Rock and roll is disco" record throughout the conversation. This band was ahead of its time for Concord, CA early 80s.

Aug 29, 2017

In this special episode. G-shock, Capt. Jeff, along with special guest Britt Pinella explore the impact of Rick Rubin's body of work. From the first hardcore punk 7" put out on the Def Jam label in 83 to working with classic rock artists like Johnny Cash, Tom Petty, and Mick Jagger. We cover it ALL from 1983 - 1999....